Bharathi kannamma
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Bharathi kannamma 28-12-2020 Written Episode

Today’s episode begins with Vinpa asking Shyamala to ask Soundarya how he requested it. She nods and leaves there. Fenba wonders with what hope she is doing all this? Would Soundarya allow her to marry Bharati after hearing these rumors? Shyamala received Soundarya. Venu plays badmitton there. Soundarya asks him to sit with her. Shyamala …

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Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World 2021

Fruits are always beneficial for the health everyone use in daily diet especially diet conscious people use fruits daily because fruits are good for health and skin as well. Fruits are cultivated in many countries on a high level and export from others where fruits not found but most expensive fruits found in Japan. Japanese …

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham
Written Update

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 24-12-2020 Written Episode

The episode begins with Rajobati recounting Anu’s revenge for insulting them. Sobo has finished reading Sundara Kandam. Ano and Pushpa try to talk to Sobo. The latter is lying silently on the bed, covering the sheet. Cry. The next morning, Anu prepares for the office. Checking her cell phone. She wonders what happened yesterday that …

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Yaaradi Nee Mohini 24-12-2020 Written Episode

Today the episode begins with…. Muthurasan acted like a weakling … when Nambothri arrived … Swetha thinks Chitra’s spirit is reaching his body … but Nambothri suspects Muthurasan … Swetha informed Nambuttri that Chitra’s spirit was reaching Muthurasan’s body … I threw the thali and hit myself … very hard … when I looked at …

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Sembaruthi 24-12-2020 Written Episode

The episode begins with Adhi crushing thugs. Duraimanikam took this opportunity to escape from there. In the temple, Guruji performs puja. Duraimanikam Nandhini phones. He says she was right. Underestimate Adhi. Nandini asks if she killed Addy. Duraimanikam recounts how Adhi and Arun beat the bullies. He says that he escaped from Adhi with difficulty. …